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Energy Management

Conserving Energy Doesn't Have to be Hard

UDWI's new Energy Management Program is an innovative new energy savings program that puts technology to work to save energy for you!


Signing up is EASY

The program is FREE, and signing up is EASY.  Just submit the contact form below, and a UDWI representative will call you to install a monitoring device on your water heater and/or air conditioner.  Then, when energy usage is at its peak, a signal can be sent to cycle down the heating and cooling units for short periods of time.


Big benefits at no cost to you

You'll still have plenty of hot water, and the difference in inside temperature will not be compromised.  You'll be saving energy and helping the environment-without having to do a thing!

The more people who participate, the greater the benefits become.  Although you won't notice a significant difference in your monthly bill, when we all work together, there can be a significant difference made for our environment.


Save $45 per year on your electric bill

As a participant, you receive an incentive to participate.  For air conditioners, members receive a $10 credit to their bill for the months of June, July, and August.  For water heaters, members receive a $5 credit to their bill for the months of December, January, and February.


For more information

If you have questions or need more information, call our office at (812) 384-4446 or (800) 489-7362.  By doing so little, you can actually do so much!

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