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Appliance Recycling

Get $50 back when you recycle you old fridge.  Plus, save up to $150 a year in energy costs.

It doesn't make financial sense to keep an old fridge or freezer in your garage or basement - not when it uses up to four times the energy of newer models.  And throwing it away isn't a good long-term plan for the environment.  Why not let us recycle it?  We'll haul it away free of charge, you'll get a $50 incentive, and you can save on energy costs.  Talk about a good return on investment.






Appliance Requirements (refrigerators and freezers only):

  •  Must be a member of UDWI REMC to participate in this program
  •      Must be a non-commercial unit.
  • Must be empty and waterlines disconnected at the time of pickup.
  • Must be plugged in and working (the compressor is running) at the time of pick up.
  • Must be of qualifying size between 10 – 30 cubic feet, utilizing inside measurements
  • Must be have a clear pathway for access and removal of the unit.

                     *The customer must remove any doors or physical impedances that prevent

                                           removal of the appliance before the time of pickup.

  • Must be located on a first or second story (a basement is also permissible).

                     *If the appliance is in a location that is difficult for the vendor to remove the appliance, or if the act of removal

                           of the appliance is likely to cause damage, the customer must move the appliance to an easily accessible area.

**Members are eligible for 2 incentives per household, per 5 years

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