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Payment Options

Bank Draft

Our AUTOMATIC PAYMENT PLAN (APP) eliminates the worry of writing and mailing a monthly check for payment. How does AUTOMATIC PAYMENT work? You sign an agreement with UDWI that authorizes your bank to deduct your monthly electric payment from your checking account. UDWI will still send you a monthly billing statement showing usage and when the payment will be deducted from your account. Your monthly bank statement will show the deduction from your account. (Applications subject to credit approval).  THE ENROLLMENT FORM MUST BE MAILED BY POSTAL MAIL OR EMAILED TO THE UDWI REMC OFFICE.



Credit Cards

We accept: Visa and MasterCard by telephone or on the website. To make a payment by telephone please call 812-384-4446 or 800-489-7362.


Check or Money Order

Of course we accept the traditional check or money order payments as well as cash. Please do not mail cash! Our convenient drive-up window is open daily during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), or you may pay at the cashier window in the office lobby. Night deposit is available.


Budget Billing Plan

Our Budget Billing Plan allows you to budget your payments over the course of the year, allowing you to improve your financial planning. With our Budget Billing Plan, you know each month exactly how much your electric bill is going to be. The monthly billing amount is determined by averaging the kilowatt-hours used for the previous 12 months, and the payment is figured using the current rates. The member agrees to pay the budgeted amount each month for 11 months. However, actual usage is recorded on each month’s billing statement to allow the member to track his or her usage throughout the year. In the 12th month, the member either pays the difference in what was actually used or receives a refund if there is an overpayment.

The Budget Billing Plan is offered to members who have had electric service with the co-op for at least one year. Applications for budget billing are available throughout the year; however, members can only join the program from April 1 through Sept. 15. June is the first billing month of the program, with May being the12th, or settlement, month.


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